Friday, August 23, 2013

9 Months

I missed posting 8 month pictures of Duck.
He has continues to grow so fast.

At nine months, Duck...

Pulls to standing and starting to cruise around furniture
Has mastered going up stairs
Is starting to practice standing
Prefers kneeling to sitting
Still sucks on the first two fingers of his left hand
Stopped sleeping through the night, but is slowly getting back on track
Gets into everything
Jabbers and yells and coos and giggles all day long
Is always getting comments about how he is the happiest baby people have ever seen
Loves his toy octopus, playing patty cake, and pulling hair
Dislikes any green food, holding still for pictures, and taking naps in his own bed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here We Go Again

And, bam...summer's over.

The boys are back in school. Bug is starting 6th grade (be still my poor mommy can elementary school almost be over?!) and Monkey is starting 2nd grade.

This school year was met with more whining and moaning about summer coming to an end than ever before. Which I am taking to mean that we had a fantastic summer. (Don't worry, there will be plenty to come about our summer.)

Despite the certainty the boys had that they would die if they had to go back to school, we had a smooth start of the school year. School supplies were bought with minimal frustration over hard to find items. The transition to early mornings and stricter schedule as been made with minimal whining. And everyone survived the first day (probably because I wasn't there, getting weepy over how big they are getting.)

(Monkey just saw me loading this picture and said, "Don't I look handsome, Mom?" Yes, darling boy, you do.)

I'm going to miss summer (especially since my summer JUST started - I finished boards on July 30, so I really only had three weeks that felt like real summer.) But I've watched my boys run through sprinklers, hike through forests, becoming blonder and tanner each passing day. Each night they smell like hose water, grass, and popcicles, which is just how little boys should smell in the summer.

Except that they aren't quite so little any more. 6th and 2nd grade?  Even though we do this every year, at the same time, it's completely different ever year.

Never mind all the groaning from Bug and Monkey...I'm the one not ready for this.