About Me

Welcome! I'm Katherine.

Blogging in time I squeeze between my two full time jobs of a mother of three boys and ananesthesiologist, I usually just describe myself as busy. But let's be honest, most people are defined by more than one word. I'm a fairly new transplanted Midwesterner, a lover of reality cooking shows, a book devourer, a lousy housekeeper, and a prolific photograph taker.

I'm passionate about raising my boys, my husband of 13 years, being outdoors, supporting local businesses, education, summer, and DIY projects around our first home.

I despise doing dishes, politics, traffic, and dating shows.

So, follow along as I share my life filled with grass stained knees, long days in the operating room, and afternoon adventures around our town.

Here are some posts about my life:

Letter to my boys

A typical day

My relationship with Hubster

Duck's Birth Story

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  1. I am sure all that nausea is awful to deal with especially with working, but you are managing so well, it will all be worth it when the baby comes.. I was lucky ,just had the nausea, but it really does wear you down.. I hope you will soon feel a hundred times better, and that the pregnancy goes well and you have a good fast labour! All the best, J

  2. I like it! I admire you: your dedication and hard work and commitment. You are transitioning into the mother of 3 as well as anyone I know and you still are warm-hearted and love life. Well Done!