Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bell Canyon

On Saturday, we took the boys hiking up Bell Canyon. I only heard about this canyon about a month ago. The hike was a little steeper than we had anticipated, as Blaise couldn't hike it himself, and was carried the majority of the way up and down. However, the entire hike only took about three hours, and Roman hiked the whole way!
The views of the valley were great! It was a clear day.
And the lake and view of the mountains at the top were amazing as well.

I think there is a waterfall around the other side of the lake, but we didn't feel up to any more hiking with the boys. So, we'll save the waterfall for the next time up.
Blaise got to do his favorite thing in the world: stand on the shore and throw rocks into the water. He could literally do this for hours and hours.

Being able to do something like this in an afternoon is one of the great things about Salt Lake. Even though we live in the middle of the valley, we are never more than twenty minutes from trails, streams, and mountains.

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  1. Bells Canyon! I love that place. For geology classes we would go there often to study glacial effects there!

    BTW... the lake up higher there next to the top of the mountain in the circ area is some of the best hiking and fishing in Utah!