Thursday, April 30, 2009


Potty training is going very slowly.

We started two weeks ago. Most of the time, it feels like we aren't making any progress.

Although I kinda expected this. I'm feeling too lazy to push Blaise very hard. And he still seems so little to me, that I let him get away with quite a bit.

I haven't been very good with the whole making him go every hour. Mostly because I want to take naps, and window shop, and such. And Blaise gets to do those things with me.

Mostly, it's because he just hasn't been able to tell (or at least tell me) that he needs to go before he is already in the process.

Which led to us, wandering through the expanse of IKEA, and Blaise turning to me, and shouting at the top of his lungs, "Mom, I'm peeing!! I'm peeing right now!!"

(And I guess that I'm progressing in my parenting skills, because I didn't find this embarrassing at all. Just funny.)

It felt like things went so much faster with Roman. But of course, that could just be my retrospective rose-colored glasses.

But today, we had a breakthrough!

Blaise told me he needed to go potty, BEFORE he already had!

(Welcome to the world of parenting, where some days the most exciting thing to talk about is your child's bathroom skills or lack thereof. )


  1. That is AWESOME! I am still in the taking him every hour know, when I feel like it. I won't be working starting in June, so I am thinking I'll hit it hard then. We'll see! :)

  2. Wow that's awesome that he told you. And finding it funny that he was peeing in the middle of IKEA. Hee Hee.

  3. The breakthrough is that the moment you are not embarassed, you have recognized that your children are truly and wonderfully their own person. This is not stating the obvious. Our children become whole, first from within us, attatched strongly, dependent. After birth they define their minutes and hours from our care. But there is a tiny window that begins to open when they are still 100% dependent, but uniquely able to think and plan and operate beyond us. The discovery of this new, untried person thrives or dwindles dependent upon how prepared we are as parents to DISCOVER them or smother the spark by believing we need to CREATE them. I am a firm believer in discovery. FInally, this process allows for the honor of the past. The realization that we have never invented nor can take credit for our first selves, but as the famous quote says, we "... stand on the shoulders of giants." We cannot take the initiative to fully begin to influence our futures until we have welcomed these potentials. For some parents this never really happens, for some the protective bond is unnaturally cemented or conversely stifled or thread bare. For you, it has been helped along because of gender as well as your preparation and insight. You are walking the breathtakingly beautiful balance of both.