Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, The Irony

This week, happiness was going to be the fact that winter was practically over. It has become warm. Like actual 60 degree warm, not just relative above freezing warm. The snow had nearly all melted...

And now it's cold again. It snowed last night. This is a lesson in patience. I must keep reminding myself that it is February and take a deep breath and look for something else to be happy about.

So, this week, happiness is all about irony.

Irony that I'm posting pictures about winter activities when there is practically no snow on the ground.

Irony that I'm sick of winter, but still forcing my children to enjoy it.

And the most ironic of all? That we lived in Utah for all those years, and our children didn't go skiing until we moved to Iowa.

Yeah, we're skiing!

Okay. Now what?

Go visit Leigh vs. Laundry for The Happiness Project and post a photo of something that makes you happy!



  1. I have never been skiing, but always wanted to try it. There just isn't very many skiing opportunities in Florida.

    That snowperson is awesome!

    For your sake, I hope spring comes soon.

  2. I've been snowboarding once but never tried skiing. I'd love to, though! Great photos.

  3. I love that your snowman looks a bit grumpy, like he's sick of winter too.

  4. Oh-Be-Joyful, Spring is MORE welcome because it is hoped for, waited for, not a boring, within-easy-reach, daily constant.These wonderful little warm glimpses into the future encourage our hope. Yes spring will continue to nibble away the edges of winter's snow.The interim of finding joy in adversity is satisfaction deep inside! I'm so glad you do! HUGS!!!! Happy tulips, daffodils, a toast.. Here's to the bright future!

  5. Le sigh, I guess. Two weeks ago I had a 'spring is near' Happiness post, too, and now we're back to -10C° and snow forecasted for tomorrow. The winter really was beautiful this year I thought, but enough is enough.

    Anyway: Lovely photos :)

  6. I know how those long winter months can drag on from my 20 years in Michigan. But now I miss the snow! One of those grass is always greener things, I'm sure.

    Also, I smile every time I visit your page because I LOVE The Hitchiker's Guide and the Percy Jackson books.

  7. Same here... taste of spring whisked away by another winter chill! You're right... it is only February! LOVE that snowman... his hair/hat/feathers are GREAT! =)

  8. I can tell I've been away from Utah for awhile because winter is starting to regain some of the romanticism it used to hold before I ever knew what it was really like.

    February was when I always got sick of it too.

  9. Oh irony. Showshoeing is also fun.


  10. Visiting via SITS!! Your boys are so cute!! I have 4 boys and they've never been skiing and we only live 1 1/2 hours from where they could ski. Pretty lame but they do 50 million other things so I won't feel too bad about it!! Have a great weekend.