Thursday, September 13, 2012


My boys are constantly teaching me lessons.  Lessons that no book or website can offer.  Lessons such as the fence in the backyard will never be tall enough, there are always ways around a bedroom door lock, and there is no such thing as "child proof" or "food every child will like."

They have also taught me how to make things better.  Pancakes are always better with mini chocolate chips in them.  Afternoons are better with a snack. 

Backyard games are better if all the players wear funny ears.

Saturdays are better with mustaches.

Sleeping is better inside a tent.

Every day is better with story time.  Every bedtime is better if preceded by a piggy back ride.  Every drink is better if it has a straw.  Chores are better with music. 

Days are better together.


  1. Ok, I saw you on SITS and was intrigued by your post title. So glad I clicked through! This was an adorable post :) great job chronicling the best things in childhood!

  2. Oh I love the mustache photos! Somedays I wish I was your kid because they have to be having the best childhood ever!

  3. I really don't get the mustache thing, but it sure is funny!

  4. Love this family! Love the things you notice, and the things you make memorable and the happiness and comfort you create!