Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm not much of a sewer.  I can replace a button and occasional hem a pair of scrub bottoms.  But beyond that, I don't break out the sewing machine and thread.

Except for one thing: baby quilts.

I have now made each of my boys quilts.

Obviously, it started with Bug. At that time, since I couldn't make a nursery, I thought the least I could do was make him a quilt.  I also figured that I would have approximately 20 weeks to do it, from the time I found out the gender until birth.  That should be enough time, right?

Bug's Quilt

Turns out, for me, it is just barely enough.  All three quilts have now been finished during the last week of my pregnancy. But the whole point is that they are finished.

Well, basically finished.  I planned on embroidering each child's name and date of birth on their quilt. So far, Bug's quilt has his name on it...

The quilts are small, meant to be for babies and go in the crib.  But despite their small size, Bug and Monkey have both loved their quilts and still sleep with them now. This makes me very happy, because for a girl who doesn't sew much, these were truly a monumental labor of love.

Monkey's Quilt

Although, they probably didn't need to be quite to difficult.  All three quilts I designed from scratch, coming up with my own pattern and color scheme.  Just a third of the way through this last quilt for Duck, I though what a bad idea that was, that I really should have just used a pre-made kit.

 Duck's Quilt

But now that it is done, it feels worth the effort.  Especially since I won't have to make any more.


  1. Yay, they look great! I love making blankets/quilts. I always design my own as well, makes it a little more exciting/frustrating! Glad you got them all done in time.

  2. I x-stitch and made wedding samplers and birth announcements for my sibs and their kids. So I know what a monumental task it can be when you have a limited time frame. Congratulations on a great job on all of them. They're fantastic!

  3. Those are really beautiful! I'm impressed! I "made" Flintstone a blanket - it's one of those knot blankets that is two pieces of fabric tied together with a bunch of knots. I had our loved ones tie the knots and make wishes for Flintstone when they did, so I consider it to be full of wishes for him. He's not particularly attached to it, or any item, though.

  4. Reminds me that Toby's baby book is still half-done, and he's 8. I can't quilt at all, but I'm saving all their special shirts to sew into one for each of their graduations. I won't be the one sewing them, though. Will have to commission that out.