Thursday, September 5, 2013

7 Years Old

Dear Monkey,

Now you are 7!

7 quite becomes you. You are funnier, and more energetic, and more bubbly, and more you than ever before.

You are such a planner. From the moment you turned 6, you knew how you wanted to celebrate turning 7.

You wanted a Lego cake, Lego presents, and a big friend party.

So that's just what we did.

I made a Lego cake.

We had a Lego themed party at the local gymnastic club.

All your friends came.

It was loud and crazy and fun.  Just like you.

2 hours later, you said you wanted to go home, because you needed peace and quiet.  Anything that makes you, my rambunctious child, want peace and quiet is a win.

A few days later, on your actual birthday, we had a meal of mac and cheese, hot dogs, and cupcakes. Which apparently, is the perfect 7 year old food. Because that's what you said.

I'm sorry, I know I say this every year, that I'm incredibly nostalgic and sense the bittersweetness of you growing up so keenly, but I do.  However, 7 becomes you so much, is so perfect for your tree climbing, dancing in the car, ninja move practicing, Lego structure building self, that I think 7 is the perfect age for you.  And I love you at 7, almost more than ever.



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  1. So sweet. I can't believe he's 7. Looks like such a great party!