Friday, January 31, 2014

Monkey, Version 1.14

Dear Monkey,

The last couple months can be summarized by the two statements I hear from you the most.

"You are the meanest mommy ever!"

"Can I be your koala bear forever?"

There are moments of the days that I think we will never be friends again. When the littlest request on my end elicits screams and stomps and tongues being stuck out on your end. Where nothing calms you down and you think that everyone is trying to be mean to you on purpose. The last few months have seen a great deal of time spent in time out and a great deal of privileges revoked. Each time, it breaks my heart. Seeing you upset makes me upset. I know that you aren't trying to give me a hard time, but that you are having a hard time and I need to do a better job to recognize what is so difficult for you and how to respond to your needs better.

But even so, I love you too much to let you scream at me, call me mean and stupid, and slam doors. So, yes my darling, despite how much I just want us to have fun, when you act like that you will find that you are not allowed to play Mario Galaxy or Minecraft or stay up a little after bedtime.

But just as suddenly as these storms come blowing through our home, the sun shines. You usually bounce out of bed, happily declaring that you absolutely woke up on the right side of the bed. You play with Duck and ask to help. You volunteered to help Daddy with the laundry because then "it would be done faster." You grab at my legs and say you are my koala bear. (Even if Bug then corrects you and says that koalas aren't bears.)

You dance wildly, sing at the top of your lungs, ask for snuggles, build time machines out of boxes, wrestle with anyone in reach, get your heart broken over any unkind work, shrug off bruises and scratches.

We have good days and bad moments, but no matter what, the answer is always the same.

The answer is yes. You can be my koala bear forever.



  1. Love it! Again, how blessed these boys are to have you for a Mom ... :)

  2. Funny how kids can go back and forth so quickly.

    I'm sure you are really the best mommy ever. And he seems like one pretty great kid.