Wednesday, July 30, 2014

20 Months

It's been several months since I've formally sat down and documented Duck's changes. Because that's what he does. He changes. On nearly a daily basis. Each day brings something new and leaves something else behind.

Already, we've left behind things that I love. The way he would smack his lips when he wanted something to eat. The way he held still for cuddles (instead of constantly trying to climb up me and sit on my head.) The way he clapped every time I finished singing him a song. And so many more little things that have already faded.

At 20 months, Duck...

Has figured out doors and door knobs. Not always quite tall enough to open them all, but can escape out the front door without difficulty.

Talks all the time. Favorite words are cheese, wa-wa (water), bike, walk, outside, daddy, and mama. And he says mama so crystal clear, I love it.

Won't say or even attempt to say either of his brothers' names. But adores them both so much.

Makes most animal sounds.

Loves books. Loves being read to, or reading to himself. Favorite books are Good Night Moon, Bear Snores On, Little Blue Truck, Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I Am A Bunny.

Makes a very loud and accurate siren sound anytime he sees anything remotely resembling a fire truck or a police car.

Loves swimming. He is always trying to get me to let go of him so he can swim by himself; no matter that the water is 3 feet deep and he can't actually swim.

Favorite foods are popcicles, apples, waffles (gluten free, obviously), watermelon, and handfuls of ranch dressing.

Will still let me rock him to sleep.

Will not be nice to the kittens.

Loves going on walks, especially in his stroller. He is still an excellent running partner.

Strongly dislikes brownies, potatoes, and eggs.

Is my blondest, busiest, noisiest, cuddliest baby ever.


  1. His is absolutely precious.It's really amazing how kids change on a daily basis. It's not really fair.

  2. Your boys are adorable! And, yes, I have to agree that the kids are always changing. My oldest just turned 6. And my baby is turning 4 soon. How can that be? They were just little bitty babies and then I blinked.

  3. Ohhh ... he is SO PRECIOUS! I love the one with Keith holding him, the closeup! He looks JUST like Keith in that one! He has the greatest smile and certainly does look like he loves watermelon! I am so glad you finally found out that he was gluten-sensitive ... he looks so happy to be eating now!!! :o)