Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Field of Dreams

They had built it, so we figured it was finally time for us to come.

Iowa has just a few claims to fame as far as Hollywood goes. We have the Bridges of Madison County, the Field of Dreams, and Captain James T. Kirk will be born here in the future.

The Field of Dreams Movie Site is just over an hour from us. We had meant to go the first year we moved here. However, at that time, our children hadn't seen the movie and were too young to want to see the movie, so the trip got postponed.

It only took us five year to get around to it.

Now, everyone had seen the movie, even Monkey, who, the moment the credits came up, loudly announced that he didn't get it. 

I'm not big into baseball or Kevin Costner. Even so, it was hard to not absolutely love the Field of Dreams.

To get there, we drove through quintessential Iowa countryside, full of small densely wooded areas, wide curving rivers, soft hills, and corn fields. Always corn fields. 

The Field looks just like the movie. Down a long drive, a pristine baseball diamond with wooden bleachers, next to a white farm house, surrounded by corn fields. And it's free. Always a bonus.

Our boys tumbled out of the van, grabbed their baseball gear, and bolted to the field. They ran the bases a few times, then quickly made their way to playing, taking turns pitching and batting. They just as quickly realized they aren't quite up to pitching on a regulation sized field, as the distance from the pitching mound to home plate is a little daunting for young arms. 

Both Bug and Monkey had few successful hits after Hubster took over pitching (my pitches were all wild and I was promptly switched out.) 

Later, Bug and Hubster played catch in the lush green outfield. I supervised Monkey and Duck, who found the corn fields the most interesting part.  It could actually be quite easy to loose a 22 month old child in a corn field, but only if that child didn't have a piercing cry that ensures not only its parents, but anyone within a mile radius knows exactly where it is.

There was a small little souvenir shop next to the field, but the boys felt that the afternoon spent playing baseball on one of Hollywood's iconic fields was all they needed. Because it turns out, you don't have to really love baseball, or the movie to have had a wonderful time.  Even if you can't pitch.


  1. This is so cool! My husband would love to visit here. You got some really great shots!

  2. That is awesome! Someday I'm going to make it to Iowa and I'm going there.

    1. Yes, come to Iowa! I'll show you around when you are here!