Friday, June 26, 2009

Hickory Hill Park

Give us a free moment, and we'll be off exploring.

I know that we should be working on the house. I could have been painting yet even more trim. But the temperature and humidity was tolerable today.

So Roman, Blaise, and I set out for a much needed, much anticipated adventure.

We first heard about Hickory Hill Park from our real estate agent. Although she had lived nearly her entire life in this town, she only "discovered" the park after her own children found it as teenagers.

And judging by how few people we saw (two others) it is a well kept secret.

It says "Park" but for me, it was more of a glimpse of what Iowa may have been like before it was covered in small towns and neighborhoods. Before the trees were chopped down and replaced with corn fields.

For over two hours, we wandered down curved trails underneath towering hardwoods. Squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits constantly darted across the path, some even taking their sweet time about it and giving us a look over while they were at it.

We discovered bright blue damselflies, a variety of butterflies, shiny green beetles, and some really creepy long-legged spiders.

We enjoyed wild blackberries, running to our hearts content, quiet, and nature.

All contained in 190 acres surrounded by the town.

Hickory Hill Park, in the space of one afternoon with my boys, has become my favorite place in our new city.


  1. Awesome! There is a park similar to that not too far from our house. I will have to take L there as soon as our heat breaks. Thanks for the idea. Glad you guys had fun!