Sunday, June 21, 2009

My boys are lucky

Hubster is a great dad.

When I tell him this, he just shrugs and mentions the times when he gets frustrated with the boys, or is too tough on them.

I didn't say he was a perfect dad. Just an absolutely fantastic one.

He loves being the father of our two boys. He wants to share everything that he did as a kid with them. From learning how to shoot a slingshot, to catching caterpillars, to watching old cartoons.

One of my favorite things is to see all three of my boys on the couch together, giggling loudly to Tom and Jerry.

After Bug was born, and Hubster offered to take him for a diaper change, my mother-in-law stated she was surprised that he was so willing to be involved like that. I guess after raising him as a teenager that did everything he could to get out of chores, seeing her son willingly change diapers, warm bottles, and supervise bath time would be surprising.

But it has never surprised me. We love being a family together.

It may not have surprised me, but it sure makes me happy.

Happy Father's Day, Hubster!

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  1. We all agree. Keith's is the cup that is always overflowing, always stable, always there, always willing. Sometimes we ask ourselves. Is he REALLY okay. Doesn't he need to go somewhere remote and scream? He drove two days straight, worked ten days straignt nearly around the clock and still,'Oh, I'm okay... Sure you don't need anything. I mean, its fine with me what ever works for you...." Am I missing something or did Superman really land on our planet in our home state?
    Happy Father's day!!!