Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Summer

As the days to the start of school count down and the occasional yellow leaf appears in the trees on my way to work, I can start to feel it.

The end of summer.

We're trying to take advantage of every sun-filled, warm-temperature day we have left (even though this sometimes competes with work.)

Home renovations have occasionally been put on hold.

Dishes have not been done.

There are more important things to do.

Ride bikes. Play at parks.

And visit the beach.

I know that I've said Hickory Hill Park is my favorite place in Iowa. But Lake MacBride is in constant competition for that spot.

We spent a day splashing in the cool water and sprawling on the warm sand.

Blaise would shout, "Look how brave I am," and then run out to shoulder depth in the water, instantly making me panic, rush after him, and drag him back to safer depths. Gotta keep a close eye on that one.

Roman was content to build sand castles with the occasional run and splash through the water.

And we all made it home without sunburns.


  1. Blaise and Logan might be related. :) That lake looks awesome!

  2. Wow, that is so cool Katherine. It is nice to see and heard how you are doing. I'm glad you had fun that day.

  3. You have great balance. Always better to do the important things first! Wonderful day!