Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Again

We had to run to our local Lowe's today to pick up a couple items so that Keith can continue to work on the kitchen floor.

As we turn into the parking lot, we hear a huge sigh from the back seat.

Roman: Ohhhhh....Why?!! Not again! I am so sick of this store!

Apparently we go here a lot.

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  1. I went into "my" Lowe's and while I did go there a lot after buying a house, I didn't realize quite how often I had been there... the guy in the lights section asked me how the fan and light switches worked out, the lady in the blinds section handed me a letter I had forgotten there earlier THAT day and the guy in the door handles and locks section asked me if they had given me a key to the store yet, to which I said "don't you usually work in windows & doors?" to which he answered "I'm glad SOMEONE noticed that they move me to a different department every week!"

    oops. I went to Home Depot, which is 2 miles further, for a week after that. But then I got confused whenever I wanted to return something and couldn't remember where I got it from. I'm back to going to Lowe's now.