Monday, September 14, 2009

First Signs

Fall comes slowly here. It has been creeping up on me for weeks now. The hint of yellow between the green. The droop of flowers. The tinge of red along the river.

Fall in Utah was so different. First the trees would change, nearly overnight, on the mountain sides. The frost and snow would come soon after. Suddenly the color and crispness of fall would be gone, sidewalks covered in the crunch of brown leaves, trees bare against the sky. And I always felt like I missed it.

Here, it has a slow gradual pace, as if autumn is enjoying itself. Flowers change from purple and blue variety to a yellow and red. Trees take their time, trying to be inconspicuous about the small piles of leaves forming underneath them.

Fall has not yet descended in all her glory. But every day I see more of her.


  1. And then there's California where fall shows up around Thanksgiving and leaves before Christmas.

    I definitely don't miss snow and winter, but I do miss fall.

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Happy Fall! How wonderfully beautiful. Wish I were walking with you in it!!
    The leaves have changed overnight, just last night, red smudges color the foothills and creep toward the peaks waiting for their snow. But we will still play in the leaves before they are gone!