Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Afternoon Ride

Happiness is...

An afternoon family bike ride.

Now that the weather is nicer and the daylight lasts longer, there is time for us to explore the bike trails. We pedal along the river, listening to the croak of the frogs and watching the flash of the red-wing blackbirds atop the high grasses.

We take time to stop and point out new birds, to watch rabbits cross the path, and admire the onslaught of summer flowers.

We never hurry, except down big hills, but then just for the pure fun of it. Our pace is just as lazy as the summer afternoon.

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  1. I love how you and your family remember to stop and smell the roses. Your children are so lucky.

  2. This path makes me want to buy a bike! I haven't ridden one in so long. I miss the feel of the wind on my face. Lovely pictures!

  3. All the beautiful savored moments will give you happiness now and cherished memories later too. I love bike riding, and you have a great place to do it. What a great thing to do together!

  4. Beautiful!! I'm getting more into biking right now and my husband is starting to show interest so I think we have some family bike rides ahead of us!

  5. what a great photos! i love the perspective in the second photo!

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