Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What It Says About Me: Bedside Table

We've all heard it. You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse. And it's absolutely true. Take a look in my purse, and there is evidence of my job, my family, and where I've been.

I got thinking that it's not just a purse. You can tell a lot about a person by many things. So I thought I would explore some of the things that say a lot about me. I'll eventually get to the purse and its enlightening contents. However, I thought I would start with something else. Something a little less public. My bedside table. Or more accurately, what's on my bedside table.

Here it is...

Nothing fancy.

As to what's on it? Well, there is:
-alarm clock: somedays it feels like my life is all about the alarm clock.
-lamp: for the occasional novel reading in bed
-glasses: because it's bad to leave my contacts in at night (I would never!)
-nail clippers: because I do my own manicures.
-picture of Hubster and me: isn't it just so cute?
-little jewelry box: for the special pieces that I don't actually wear.
-perfume: so I can smell so pretty.
-pack of seeds: this should be actually be planted instead of just sitting on my nightstand.
-stack of library books: let's be honest. These will be due before I get through them. And besides, the last Harry Potter movie comes out in just over a month, so I need to start re-reading series.

There's a few other things: a small stack of student loan statements, a back massager that has been used maybe twice in the last five years, and some dust bunnies.

So what does this say about me? I like to think it says I love to read, I'm blind as a bat, I love pretty things, and I'm a fairly tidy person, even if I'm not a fan of dusting. What do you think?

On the other hand, this is Hubster's bedside table.

I don't think there is any explanation needed.

What does your bedside table say about you?


  1. That's a very interesting thought. Our room is so small that the bed has to be in a corner so there is only one small stand. One of the most used items on it is a bottle of Tums due to my wife's frequent attacks of midnight heartburn. Of course there is an alarm clock but I use my cell phone to wake me up. There's the remote for our tiny little TV which is covered with dust because we are always far too tired to watch TV when we get to bed. The ever present box of tissues and a roll of toilet paper as a backup when it runs out. And then there's my favorite; a squirt gun locked and loaded for those times the cat thinks it's a good idea to give himself a bath at my feet at 2am! :)

    The books are in the living room because it's hard enough to stay awake to read without being in my cozy bed!

    Last but not least, there are a couple of candles on our nightstand for those rare moments that we can steal a few minutes away to be romantic. :)

    DON'T look in the drawer, I don't want to try to explain the tin snips! :)

  2. I love the nightstand piece. I did what's in your grocery cart. I was going to say it looks like you are tidy, organized person. Mine is full of books and magazines, which shows I need more time to read.


  3. Ha! Reverse those nightstands and you've got me and my husband (my stand is the messy one and his is tidy).

  4. I love the color of your room, and your bedside table is so pretty.

    Mine, when I had one before Flintstone was born, looked like your husband's.

    These days my bedside table is a crib. I suppose that says a lot all by itself (that, combined with the empty wine glass and book that are usually tucked in the corner next to the crib).

  5. It's the small things that tell us so much about someone. You have a very nice night stand. Mine looks a lot like your husbands. In fact, I think it's a good night when I wake up and I haven't knocked anything off the table while I was sleeping!

  6. Oh what a great post, love the idea of it too. Your hubby night stand cracked me up.Hopping over from SITS Hugs

  7. My bedside table looks pretty much just like yours - minus the photo and with the addition of a pad of paper and a mug filled with bookmarks and pens.

    My bedside table says I'm a Type A bookworm who has a crazy need to be super organized!

  8. My bedside table says that I need to clean my room...and does your hubby actually play basketball in your bedroom? ; )

  9. Mine is a cross between yours and your husband's. Books, a lamp. A little bit messy, but organized so that I can see exactly what's there.

    And mine does say I need to dust more. Honestly. The bunnies have started speaking it's been so long.

  10. You are very organized and tidy. And Yes, the photo is cute! Hubby's table looks comfortably well used--demonstrates a love of learning and an active life-style. Mine looks more like yours.. I spend little time in its use because I don't go to bed until I'm ready fall asleep reading. My "Hubster spot" is the chair where I read to the kids in the evenings and there are water glasses, socks and stacks of books and papers most the time.