Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interviews with Boys

I saw this interview over at Jessie's blog and I loved it so much I thought I would do it with my boys.  I think is a great way to catch a glimpse of this age, from their point of view.  And hopefully, I will remember to do it each year. So here you are, an interview with Bug, age 10, and Monkey, age 6.

My favorite food - Bug: Pizza 
                               Monkey: Hot Dogs
Foods I'd rather avoid - Bug: Peas  
                                       Monkey: Mushrooms and pickles
My favorite thing to learn - Bug: Math  
                                              Monkey: making creepy stuff (yes, that was his real answer.)
My favorite color - Bug: Red   
                                 Monkey: Green
My best friends are - Bug: Franz    
                                   Monkey: Max and James
My favorite games to play - Bug: Foursquare 
                                              Monkey: Tag and snowball fight
When I have free time, I like to - Bug: Read  
                                                      Monkey: Play Wii
My favorite books - Bug: Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson 
                                  Monkey: The Giving Tree, no, no, Star Wars
My favorite movie/TV show - Bug: Um, um, um... 
                                                  Monkey: Planet Earth and Harry Potter, the first one.
My favorite holiday - Bug: Christmas! 
                                    Monkey: Halloween!
Things I do well - Bug: I can't think of anything
                              Monkey: Probably drawing
Things I need to practice more - Bug: Making decisions  
                                                     Monkey: Math
My favorite place to go - Bug: Minnesota
                                          Monkey: Yeah, Minnesota
My favorite family activity - Bug: Mario Kart 
                                               Monkey: Mario Kart
My favorite thing about home - Bug: That it's not school, relaxing.
                                                    Monkey: I like it!
My favorite thing to do outside - Bug: If it's summer, ride bikes, if it's winter, snowball fight. 
                                                       Monkey: Tag
My favorite chore - Bug: Making my bed
                                Monkey: Setting the table
My least favorite chore - Bug: Clear the table
                                         Monkey: Cleaning the family room
My favorite song - Bug: I don't listen to music!
                               Monkey: Let Me Be Myself (Yes, my 6 year old likes 3 Doors Down)
What I want to be when I grow up - Bug: An astronaut
                                                           Monkey: A zookeeper- because I love animals!
A place I want to visit - Bug: Florida, no, Hawaii
                                       Monkey: Hawaii
My favorite part of last year - Bug: Duck being born
                                                 Monkey: Jumping in our leaf pile
Something sad that happened last year - Bug: I don't know, there wasn't any big deal last year
                                                                  Monkey: I can't think of anything
When I get up in the morning, I like to - Bug: Do my chores, so I don't have to do them later. 
                                                                  Monkey: Play Mario Kart (the kid might be obsessed.)
My favorite part of each day - Bug: Dinner 
                                                 Monkey: Snow! Ball!  Fight! (Said just like that! and making it sound like we have one each day)
My favorite drink - Bug: Capri Sun 
                                Monkey: Root beer
My favorite sport/activity - Bug: Baseball, I guess
                                             Monkey: Football
Something new I'd like to learn/do this year - Bug: I don't know.
                                                                           Monkey: Touch fish, because we've never gone fishing before.

Doing these questions was so much fun, even though getting answers from Bug was almost like pulling teeth. He kept asking why I was asking these questions, who came up with these questions, that he was having second thoughts about doing them. Monkey was very excited to answer all the questions.

I'm excited to see how the answers change over the years, assuming that I can even get them to answer at all next year.


  1. I love that you did this too, it really was so fun to hear their answers. I love the way that sometimes your boys fed off of each others answers, and sometimes their answers were completely different. I'm looking forward to seeing how the answers change with time, though like you, I can't help but wonder when they'll be too cool or too old for this sort of thing. And we totally understand video game obsession over here...

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  3. This is so cute! I love Bug's answer that he needs to learn to make decisions! I love this idea, I hope I remember to do something like this every year if I ever have kids.

  4. Sweet. What a great idea and I'm glad you used it!

  5. Those are so cute. How fun to have these memories with your boys and to learn a little bit more about them.

  6. "My favorite part of last year - Bug: Duck being born"

    That deserves an 'Awwww!!!' : )

    And Minnesota IS pretty awesome. I have relatives there and I love to visit.

  7. Found you on SITS. That is so cool - I love all the answers, and it would be interesting to see how they change next year. Thanks for sharing.

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