Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Despite the fact that I'm technically a grown up, I'm still one of those people that get excited about their birthday. Not in the "I want a big party with streamers and confetti and silly hats and lots of people" excited (well, maybe just a little), but more the "I just want to do something special" excited. Even though I'm getting old enough that people would be understanding if I didn't want to celebrate, I still want to.

Last year, my birthday was both wonderful and not so wonderful. I did have lunch with a friend, and got my very first pedicure, and best of all, found out that I was pregnant with Duck. But my work schedule was such that I only saw my family for a few minutes in the early morning. I spent the rest of the day alone.

So this year, I had some very specific birthday wishes. Because this year was going to be better than last year.

I wanted to not plan or cook a single meal.
I wanted to eat sushi.
I wanted a cake with candles.
I wanted to sleep in.
I wanted to spend the entire day with my family.

Hubster woke me up late, to a wonderful breakfast he cooked.  He surprised me with a wonderful cake, complete with candles. We went out for sushi (even if I was the only one who ate any.)  Hubster offered to find a babysitter, but I declined.  Because even if it might be a little stressful having all three kids at the restaurant, what I wanted was for us to be together.

And that's what we were.

I feel absolutely spoiled and very birthday girlish.

This birthday, I got every thing I wanted, even before I blew out the candles.


  1. That sounds like a delicious birthday! Congrats, and so happy for your new little one. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Katherine! I'm so glad it was exactly how you wanted it.

  3. Happy Birthday and your day sounded wonderful.

  4. YEAH!!!!. It took some planning, but you got your very best wishes, I'm glad it was all you hoped. Happy Happy year too!