Sunday, March 24, 2013

Enough Already

I woke this morning to find the backyard covered in snow, with flakes still falling thickly. 

This was the first year I can remember that the groundhog didn't see his shadow.  This is also the year where it is taking the most faith that spring will actually come.

It hasn't been a bad winter.  The fall was very mild. We were still able to walk outside comfortably in November. We got a decent amount of snow, enough that we could do all the winter things the boys wanted.

There was sledding.

There were snow angels.

There were snowmen and snowball fights and most sledding.

But enough already.

I'm done with school cancellations, cold feet and freezing rains. 

I want to see some green.  I want to see my bulbs sprout from the ground.  I want to see sunshine and flowers and just be warm again.  I want to take Duck outside without 34 layers of clothing and blankets. 

I'm desperate for spring.


  1. I keep hearing about snow all over the country and I just feel so bad. I hope spring comes soon to Iowa!

  2. Good evening!

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  3. Yes, looks like you could settle in for another long winter, prepare to accept that the clock has turned back and you are nearly to Christmas--maybe time for pop corn and hot chocolate. Use some reverse psychology and turn you back on spring... so it can sneak up on you and surprise you--its what it does best. Sorry you have more snow!! We had some more too.

  4. AMEN! I'm so ready for spring, so much, I can no longer see the beauty of winter or snow anymore. It's at the point where the weather is bringing out the hatred in me! I need sunshine!

  5. Oh, I love the snow angel picture! Very awesome with the sunlight making the angels glow a little more! :)