Friday, May 16, 2014

Smitten with Kittens

I feel tired most of the time. I'm pretty sure if people just left me alone, I could sleep 48 hours straight. I've felt this way for years.

Sometimes, being tired keeps me from doing things. Oh, there's a work function tonight? I think I'll just stay home and fall asleep on the couch. PTO meeting? Nope. Early bedtime instead.

Given my proclivity to just stay in bed every day, it's surprising that I keep taking on new projects.

Third baby? Why not? Not like we were sleeping anyways!

Huge basement remodel? Sounds like fun!

Enroll the boys in three different sports and two different clubs? Sure!

So, why not just continue the craziness and adopt two kittens?

The boys have been begging for a cat or a dog for the last several years. Apparently, our seven year old goldfish just wasn't quite rambuctious enough for them.

Prior to our move to Iowa, we lived in one apartment after another and pets were just out of question. Once we got to our current home, they started asking almost immediately. But it was always one thing after another: internship, residency, dental school, new baby, board exams.  No matter how much pleading the boys did, we were strong in our response that we were just too busy.

But the last year, we'd be softening our stance. Pets would be good for the boys. I just asked them to wait until after I took oral boards.

True to our word, earlier this week, we drove out to a farm where Hubster had been told there were kittens to adopt.

These two came home with us.

The boys have been absolutely smitten. 

Granted, they are loud, wild creatures. But the kittens are getting used to them. 

Already, the kittens are making themselves right at home and becoming a little less timid.  The boys are being incredibly responsible and have taken care of all kitten related responsibilities.

What was I so worried about?

The kittens haven't interferred with my nap time at all. In fact, we may actually be kindred spirits. 


  1. Pets and kids go together like ... well, like peas and carrots. Our middle daughter wasn't happy with two crotchety old gray cats, and she begged for a puppy for years. When we found out that she would be getting a new baby sister for Christmas, we figured a new puppy for her would give her something to focus on. It was mostly successful, although Howard sleeps with Mom and Dad even though his little girl is his favorite to play with. Your pics are awesome :-)

    1. We were just the opposite! The boys asked for a pet, but when we found out we were having a baby, we said they had to wait. But yes, pets and kids go together. We really should have done this earlier.

  2. Awwww so cute! Cats are good because they're relatively low-maintenance. Dogs require some major work--taking them out all the time, mostly!

    1. I'm actually suprised by how low maintenance the kittens have been. It's been lovely.