Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Recap

I'm wondering if we haven't had our last Halloween where we trick-or- treat as a whole family. Now that  Bug is 12, I think putting on costume and running around the neighborhood might have lost its appeal. He actually asked if we could trick-or-treat in a diffent neighborhood this year, driven by a possible motive of avoiding being seen by friends.

In fact, if he hadn't be so excited about his costume, I dont think he would have gone this year. So thank goodness for awesome costumes. 

Bug has planned for the last several months to go as the tenth Docotr. We scoured thrift stores, collecting all the pieces. We ended  up making our own 3D glasses, because finding a pair proved to be elusive. 

His outfit turned out amazing, and he wore it without the least bit of self consciousness. In fact, his enthusiasm for this made me wonder if we don't have a bit of cosplay in our future.

Monkey didn't decide on his costume until the week before. He had thrown out ideas of being a Pokemon character or some obscure Minecraft characters, all of which had complex costumes. I finally convinced him to settle on something manageable: Steve, the main Mine raft character. All of Steve's parts are available at the store, but after checking prices, I decided we would be making Monkey's costume. 

It was actually very fun, all of us around the kitchen table, cutting out a cardboard pick axe, painting colored squares, actually making a costume instead of buying "off the rack."

Duck went as Tigger. Both because we already have three Tigger outfits and he wears them almost daily anyways. 

He makes a super cute Tigger. And when he was running around the grocery store, I could just tell everyone he was getting into character. 

This was Duck's first year experience trick or treating. The first house, his brothers helped him walk up, holding his hand as they rang the doorbell. After the first treat was placed in his bucket, he just stared at it as Bug led him back to the sidewalk. About halfway down the walkway, he suddenly understood, and turned around to run back up to the door we had just left. Getting him up to the next door wasn't hard. 

Our neighborhood is a perfect trick or treating neeighborhood. There are enough children for it to be fun, but it's never crowded  There are enough bare branched trees to give the right ambience. 

Overalll, it just felt perfect. 

This might be our last trick or treating together. I hope not. But if it is, we'll have the most amazing memories. 

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