Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Candles

Even before Duck officially turned two over the weekend, he was already showing he was completely ready to be two.

He's talking up a storm and perfecting the ultimate temper tantrum.

He's also cuddly and so sweet it can almost break your heart, especially when he suddenly starts singing, "Let it go!" in his baby voice and twirling around the living room. 

As we celebrated his birthday, chasing balloons around the house and singing happy birthday about his fox cake (he stubbornly refused to blow out the candles), I was overwhelmed by how grateful I am for this beautiful boy.

The decision to add that third child to our family wasn't trivial. We were getting to the point where things were finally getting "easy," because everyone dressed themselves, went to the bathroom by themselves, and slept through the night. Both Hubster and I were in the thick of our training. But we knew our family wasn't complete.

Duck has added that completeness.

Getting Duck here wasn't trivial. Unexpectedly confronted by the possibility of infertility, the effects of residency plainly taking their toll on my body, we underwent multiple tests and fortunately only one round of medication. The pregnancy and the labor were difficult and trying. But we willingly faced each hurdle because we knew we could love more.

Duck has added that extra love.

Raising babies is never simple. We've had sleepless nights and sick days. We've given up the ability to eat at restaurants and go to movies (and some days, even the grocery store.) But we'd do it all again, because Duck is now a critical component to our family.

Duck has added balance and joy.

So for all that Duck has added to our lives, we celebrated by singing and eating cake, and taking our meals while sitting on the table.

Duck may have just added another year to his age, but for us, he's added so much more.


  1. This is so sweet! I remember back when you were thinking about adding Duck to your family. I'm so glad you followed that voice that said there was one more waiting for you.