Thursday, December 4, 2014


A two year old is simultaneously one of the most amazing things and one of the formidable things that exists.

Duck is no exception. 

Each day, I'll find myself marveling and rejoicing in the delight of his two year old self dozens of times. And each day, I'll find myself utterly exhausted and practically defeated by his two year old self.

At two year old, Duck...

Talks up a storm. I delight in each word and phrase. I'm that annoying parent who overshares all the things her kid says (and that's even after I filter myself). From the way his Ks sound static filled, and his complete phrases of "be right back" and "read books on couch."

Knows his colors. Took some convincing to say purple and orange, but now has those down pat.

Counts to three. Constantly. When jumping off things. When stacking things. When asked how old he is.

Is a dare devil. He will jump off anything, and has the head bumps to prove it. 

Is still a picky eater, which makes being gluten free extra hard. But he does love spaghetti and gluten free pizza and apples. 

Can watch Dumbo and Mater's Tall Tales on repeat. The entire time he is watching Dumbo he jumps on the couch and shouts, "Dumbo!" As soon as the movie is over, he calls out, "Dumbo again!" Replace "Dumbo" with "Truck" for the other show and you have a full weekend.

Loves being read to. Always asks for another story.

Makes faces as himself in his car mirror and loves to take selfies. As soon as he sees a phone out, he runs over and says, "Picture. Cheese." 

Still lets me snuggle him at bed time. We're working on a new bedtime routine that we keep telling ourselves will be worth it at the end. Every 5 minutes each night we tell ourselves this.

Can through the most impressive tantrum.

Can empty three dresssers of clothes, relocate all the items on your night stand to the laundry hamper, most the toys to the kitchen trash can, and your purse contents to the litter box while you are trying to empty the dishwasher.

Sings "Let It Go" and "Baby Beluga" in such a sweet baby voice that it can break your heart.

Loves hugs, being back carried, his daycare classmates, trains, trucks, and emptying his bath tub onto the floor.

Dislikes being in grocery carts, eating most foods, footy pajamas, or taking his shoes off.

Is just a wonder and a terror and a delight and a headache and a joy and a whirlwind all at once. And I just want to enjoy every moment. After I catch up with him.


  1. This is sweet, and oh the joys I have to look forward to! My five month old can leave me feeling defeated at times... Love this post though!!

    1. I think all children leave their parents feeling defeated at one time or another. But yes, so much to look forward to!

  2. He is SO adorable! I can't believe he's already two!!!