Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Currently (Or at least Recently)

Sometimes, when my brain is so very tired and I still feel the need to write something, it's nice to do one of these posts and check in with myself (and also you) about what is going on in my life.

Current Book

I feel that every time I do one of these posts, I'm not actually reading anything. I just finished Adulting, which is hilarious and very justifying about some things I do. Maybe I'm actually an adult after all.


 I tried to read The Gold Finch, but that book was exhausting. I'm planning on reading The Ocean at the End of the Road and The Hangman's Daughter.  Any other suggestions?

Current Drink

Water with lime, coffee, and a daily green smoothie.

Current Song

Anything by Florence and the Machine
Contagious by Night Riot
The Funeral by Band of Horses

Hubster has decided that all the music I like is weird.

Current Wish List

To finish our home improvement project list, which mainly involved getting our main bathroom back up and running.

Current Needs

An uninterrupted night's sleep.

Current Movie/TV shows

I'm loving that Downton Abbey started back up. But other than that, I'm not sure what else to watch. We started House of Lies and Mad Men, but really didn't like that characters, which made it hard to keep going back to watch more. I'm open to any Netflix suggestions.

I haven't seen a movie in a while. I'm not even sure what's playing in theaters.

Current Indulgence

Blogging. I'm sure there is some laundry to do, toilets to clean, medical journal to read, or wall to paint. But right now, I'm writing.

Current Outfit

Jeans, boots, and gray hoodie. I'm not fancy at all. Although I am wearing Little Mermaid socks, and those make me pretty happy.

Current Mood

Exhausted. Three days of painting, tiling, and plumbing wears one out.

Current Excitement

It looks like Hubster and I both have real, permanent jobs. This is beyond exciting and warrants a full post later.


  1. Permanent jobs?? Yay!

    I have Adulting on my To-Read list. I'm definitely going to get to it this year.

    Sounds like you've been keeping very busy! As for recommendations of things to watch...I'm all about the Oscar flicks right now, but none of them are streaming online yet. Sorry.

    1. I read Adulting over two flights. A very easy read. And I'm super excited about the jobs. It means a big move and a lot of changes, but hopefully all for the best.

  2. Blogging is my outlet too, I really do enjoy just writing and all of the connections and friendships too. Not sure what kind of shows you like (I love Downton Abbey too) but one show we loved that is on netflix is Fringe. It is sort of an x-files type show.

    1. I'll have to look into Fringe. I honestly don't know that we are looking for in a show - more of a "I'll know it when I see it" type of thing. Hubster's way pickier than I am, so it might take a while.

  3. this book sounds interesting! would love to check it out!


    1. It's a really fun book, and an easy read. Two great qualities in a book.