Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let Me Explain...

...No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

(To quote one of the best movies there is.)

Sometimes, I feel like my blog is a childhood friend. The kind that you used to talk to every day and share every little detail with. Then life happens, and you get busy, and suddenly, you realize it's been forever since you've talked.

Once I'm in that situation, I start feeling awkward.If I call, will I just bother them? Are they mad that it's been so long? Are we still even friends?

Each time, once I've finally made contact again, I realize it's not awkward, it's not terrible. So, despite becoming that flaky and undependable person, I'm reestablishing contact.

Things are like they always are. Chaotic.  Can't things just settle down and be boring? Boring would be lovely.

Here's a summary of how things are going...

Our home has an accepted offer. The inspection and appraisal and all other things are done (to the best of my knowledge.) We close in about a month and a half.

We've made an offer on a home in Utah. After much nail biting negotiating, that offer has been accepted. We are still biting our nails as we wait for our financing to go through.

We are planning another epic summer road trip. Since we have to move all of us from Iowa to Utah, we decided that we would combine summer vacation with the driving.

I'm spending my days getting quotes from movers, figuring out the best way to get our cats to Utah, and sending dozens of emails to mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and all the other ancillary services that go along with this.

Monkey has been struggling in school. We actually got a letter sent home. We are meeting with his teacher and trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

I've almost got my Utah state medical licensing done so it looks like I actually will have a job after we move.

I'm making lists of everything that we will need to do when we move. Pack. Change utilities. Change banks. Change address on a bazillion different things.

I spent the weekend "helping" Monkey construct a rocket for Scouts. Helping is what I've starting calling my constant nagging and scolding.

I had to come up with an academic project for my first year at my new job. I've come up with an idea and the project has been approved.

Hubster and I watched 4 seasons of Game of Thrones in one month.

I've had three dentist appointments in 5 weeks. Boo. Except one of those appointments is for bleaching, so I can have pretty pearly white teeth.

I turned another 30-something age a few weeks ago.

Duck accidentally got fed a gluten-filled muffin and had days of misery in which pretty much no one slept.

Spring arrived.

I continue to work. Hubster continues to go to school. We continue to do laundry, make meals, supervise homework, go for walks, survive bedtimes.

I think the stress that accompanies change is getting to me. I'm not super fun to be around and I cry at random things. Today, I cried at a picture on Facebook of Kathrine Switzer, the first female in the Boston Marathon. Last night, I dissolved into tears while singing "Return to Pooh Corner" to Duck at bedtime.

Things are actually falling into place. I know they won't be chaotic forever. I may even find time to write a real post.

But for now, it was nice to just catch up.


  1. I'm glad you're hanging in there, even if everything is chaos. The house stuff will sort itself out and things will calm down...eventually...?

    1. I'm convinced things will settle out. Everyone keeps telling me that I'll look back on this and all the details I'm sweating over now won't even register. I hope they are right.

  2. Glad things are working out. That is cool that you are moving to Utah. Wish I could.

    1. It is an exciting move for us. It's not one we ever saw coming, but life is funny that way.

  3. I'm so happy to see a post from you! Congratulations on everything!

    1. It felt good to post. One less thing to feel guilty about not keeping on top of.