Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Going: Fitness, Food, and New Pants

Several months ago, I shared what I consider the beginning of my fitness journey. I say beginning, because it was the first time I have felt successful with changes in my lifestyle. I've tried in the past, multiple times, without any real results. But after getting serious back in the spring about my health, I've really made some progress.

I'm still on this journey.  After multiple starts and stops, I was starting to feel that I would never been able to change my body, that I would never be able to lose weight or meet certain fitness goals. But now, I'm seeing results and changes and am determined to keep going.

I'm still as in love with my FitBit as I was back then. I've only missed my step goal a few days in the last couple months. The competitive nature, both with myself and with other FitBit users, really motivates me to get out there and move to meet my goals.

I'm still logging my meals into MyFitnessPal. I've missed up couple days here and there, but currently have a 95 day streak going. With all the awareness on what I'm eating, I'm making healthier choices, adding more protein and less junk. It's much easier to pass on the doughnuts and rice crispy treats at work when I see how many calories they add to my day.

I'm still running. But I'm adding in new workouts. I found an online fitness group that has provided so much inspiration and motivation. Because of the great advice I've gotten there, I've added weights to my day (free weight reps and push ups while watching TV in the evening).  I can finally do a push up with my knees off the ground, which I was never able to do before. I've added intervals to my runs, which has increased my pace and endurance. I've started Bikini Body Mommy, which despite it's rather silly name, is a great, short workout. And I've convinced Hubster, Bug, and Monkey to do the workouts with me.

With all these changes, I was able to reach my first fitness goal of a normal BMI. I rewarded myself with a small little trip to Sephora.

I'm still losing weight. I'm down over 30 pounds since I started. I'm much stronger and am starting to see actually muscles on my previous noodley arms.

My pants, which I had previously had to jump and wiggle into, not only started to fit, but then got much too big and even a belt didn't make them wearable (but rather like I was wearing pleated, drawstring jeans.)

I finally gave into to the realization that I would have to buy new clothes (which I know sounds ridiculous, but I seriously hate clothes shopping.) I tried on pants and realized I fit into pants 2 sizes smaller! I haven't worn that size in 8 years!

I still have more work to do. I have a goal of losing another 20 pounds, which will put me at pre-second baby weight. I'm not aiming for pre-all baby weight, because I was actually underweight before I had my children.

But my goals are just those I can see on the scale. I want to do more push ups, a real pull up, run a half marathon, and maybe have some visible abs. I want to run around with my kids and not get tired. I want to set positive examples on healthy eating and body image for my children.

I want to make these changes not a temporary diet, but an ongoing lifestyle.


Posted, not just as an update on how things are going, but as part of the 12X30 challenge, hosted by Kenzie at Chasing My Extraordinary, and Angie at My So-Called Chaos.


  1. This is so inspiring! I need to get back into those good habits and start taking care of myself. I always feel bad when I don't have the energy to play with Chris's daughter.

  2. Wow! Incredible. I'm jealous! I have both the fitbit and myfitnesspal, but can't seem to find the discipline to log my food.I really need to lose 50lbs. I'm good with exercising, but the food gets me every time. What online group is it you found? Does it cost anything? Good work, keep it up, you're amazing in every way!!
    Annie Holley Weston

    1. Annie, sorry for the very delayed reply. My online fitness group is just a group of girls I know (that has slowly grown as we all add friends) that support and encourage each other and act as accountability partners.

      Being diligent on tracking and logging my food and keeping to my calorie goal has been the biggest thing that helped me finally loose the weight (40 pounds now!)

      It's a hard process, but one that has become easier with time, and the results become so satisfying, it keeps me going.

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