Friday, September 26, 2008

Cascade Springs

I love fall.

And there is no better way to enjoy it than a day up the canyons.

View towards Sundance

We wandered a little bit further this time, up to Cascade Springs on the Alpine Loop. There was a forest fire there in 2003, which there is still plenty of evidence of, but the springs are still just as beautiful as ever. There were areas that still looks the same as they did when I was a little girl.

Views of waterfalls

More waterfalls

We went with Grandma, Aunt Auralee, and the little girls. The weather was perfect, the leaves just starting to unfold their autumnal glory, and the children happy. Roman and Galilee spent the time gathering up all the "beautiful leaves." And Blaise, yes, threw rocks (and leaves and sticks) in the water.

Blaise, doing his best to fall in

All the children (well, almost)

Now, there's everyone: Mom, Auralee
Roman, Galilee, Spring, Laurelei, Grace,
And Blaise

It was very relaxing to enjoy the start of a new season with people I love. And to share a place I love with my boys.

What a darling!

More handsome every day!

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  1. Its about time that you get to give fishing a try Roman! (that's what I liked to do best back then, and still do now!)

    Winter time though.... Ice fishing anyone?