Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

Well, I did it.

I just finished my stent in the intensive care unit. And I didn't have a break down the entire
month. That in itself is quite the achievement, since I had one every other day during my pediatric sub-internship (just another sign I was not meant to do pediatrics). The call schedule was absolutely exhausting: 2 out of every 3 days are on call, and then the next one recovering, and then you're back on before you realize what has happened. But still, I had a great time: I saw amazing patient cases, learned a ton, and was able to participate in the camaraderie of the ICU.

And I just completed my final call night of medical school. That is reason to celebrate on its own!

On to the fun now...

This is going to be a great weekend. Hiking, the circus (!!), getting together with my family, Survivor starts (see my other blog for more detatils), and maybe some tennis.

For those of you who don't know, Roman has been taking tennis lessons through our local recreation center. He has had one month of lessons so far, and I just signed him up for another month. He loves it. He doesn't duck from the ball, doesn't get frustrated about the learning curve, and overall has fun. And he has improved quite a bit. He can return a serve, has a decent backhand, and has returned balls with enough force to cause a few bruises.

We have started playing tennis together as a family a couple of nights a week. Which has been wonderful.

If Roman enjoys himself, we have another activity to do together, and it gets us active, it is all worth it.

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