Saturday, September 20, 2008

Zoo, Picnic Style

We made another trip to the zoo today, for a company picnic.
So despite the cooler weather, the on-and-off-again rain, and the wind, we were there.

I really love the zoo.

Although Blaise just wanted to run through it this time, stopping only for a second at each animal. I remember Roman doing that when we were in San Diego several years ago (has it really been that long?). Blaise looked at the elephants, and then said, "Let's go see the giraffes."
Then we looked at the bears, and Blaise said, "Let's go see the giraffes." And so on, and so on, until we got to the giraffes (which of course I don't mind, because I love the giraffes to!). Because the weather was cooler, we actually saw almost all the animals (they weren't hidden away inside from the heat.) It was very cool to see the snow leopard and the Siberian lynx.

The rain didn't discourage anyone, because it was very intermittent, and it left the most wonderful entertainment for Blaise...

Splashing in the puddles

We rode the train, and the new carousel. The carousel is fantastic, with nearly every seat a different animal. Roman was one a snow leopard kick, both riding one on the carousel, and then getting his face painted like one.

Blaise on a giraffe, of course

Roman, on a snow leopard

My own little snow leopard

Afterwards, in the evening, when Keith's company was giving out prizes, Keith actually won one, which is the first time in the seven years he has worked there. (Dinner and a hotel. That should be fun!)

And the great side effect of the day out: the boys are exhausted, and went to sleep without a fight!

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