Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple Afternoon

In the cool morning after a night rainstorm, Blaise and I headed outside for the quintessential childhood activity...

Soooo happy!

Blowing bubbles.

The air was cool, making the bubbles extra sturdy (well, for bubbles.) They would land on the grass and stay there. This made the perfect activity for Blaise. Instead of having to run around and pop the bubbles in flight, he waited for them to land. Then he would walk around and stomp on them.

Stomping on bubbles

I love the giggles, fun, and simplicity of bubbles.

The only problem is.. "Mwore bwubbles, Mommy!"

He eventually had to be bribed inside with the promise of "yellow eggs" (mashed boiled eggs with butter, salt, and pepper. Seriously, his favorite thing for lunch.)

Bubbles, giggles, lunch, and nap. Perfect.

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  1. So cute! I may have to break out the bubbles today!