Sunday, May 3, 2009

Through and Through

Whenever Hubster and I hear anyone refer to themselves as geeks or nerds, we just laugh.

Because we know the truth.

They have nothing on us.

It took a while, but we have completely accepted that we are true nerds, through and through. And now, honestly, we are quite proud of it.

I was a biology major with a minor in chemistry. Hubster got a double major in mathematics and physics. I was president of the science club in high school, winning silver metals in state competition. Hubster led his class to a championship in the "Knowledge Bowl."

And we are doing the best we can to instill these precious attributes in our boys.

They have a model solar system hanging from their bedroom ceiling. We encourage them to "play" on Google Earth for computer time. We spend afternoons at museums. Family movie night? Your pick: Planet Earth or Blue Planet. And for fun...

"Guess what we're going to do today?"


"Grow salt and sugar crystals!!!"

And that's what we do. And each day, they would oh and aw about how much the crystals had grown. Until finally it was the day to take them out and eat them.

And then I saw these flash cards on Uncommon Goods. And I WANT them for my two year old!

This is all for their own good.

With a physician mom, and a dad applying for dental school, being a nerd can really pay off. Well, we hope so. Someday.

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  1. This cracked me up because my brother and I used to debate whether I am a geek or a nerd. I always say geek because I'm not particularly scholarly (although I do have 2 degrees), which is my basis for the title nerd. Whereas geeks are really "into" stuff like Harry Potter or Star Wars or things like that. I finally took an online test and I was very definitely a geek and not a nerd.

    Only a geek would actually take a test on the internet to prove it!

    And those flashcards look awesome. Your boys are off to a good start.