Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Day

I realized several days ago that I had not seen the sun nearly this entire month. A combination of going to work when it's dark, getting home when it's dark, and long stretches of gloomy, cloudy days have made my exposure to sunlight next to nil. My vitamin D stores have definitely been depleted.

That is why, driving home Sunday morning, even though I was post-call from a strenous night on Trauma, when I saw blue skies, I was determined to make it outside.

Ignore the fact that it was 15 degrees. Ignore the fact that it was rather windy. Ignore that fact that it was 4 degrees with the windchill. We did.

We focused on the fact that the sky was blue, the ground was covered in new snow that glistened and sparkled, and that the entire world looked magical.

We bundled the boys in snow pants, parkas, scarves, hats, gloves, snow boots (after all, it did feel like 4 degrees.)

We then trucked through the glistening snow to the hill at school for some sunshine and snow.

Inner tubing...

Snow angels...

Blaise insisted that he wanted to swing. When I said the swings were covered with snow, he calmly, in his three year old list, reassured me that he could just wipe the snow off.

The afternoon was good for the cabin fever I'm sure was starting to descend on the boys. There was plenty of laughing, screaming, and completely darling children.

After everyone was sufficiently chilled, we trekked back home through the blue shadows for hot cocoa and dry socks.

It is truly amazing that a few hours with a inner tube, a snowy hill, and a blue sky can be thoroughly therapeutic.

This is truly what memories are made of.


  1. So delightful! What fun! The pictures are so fun and it is easy to feel the clear crispness of that new day. I hope all of you soaked up mounds of sparkles to carry you through more days.

  2. I love it! I really wished I could take Logan out today but I figured we'll wait for the next go-around when he is sans sinus infection/double ear infections. (Right, doc?) :)