Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Over and Gone

It's official.

My vacation is over.

I'm pretty sure those were the fastest 10 days of my entire life. I think they passed even faster because I was so worried about wasting one second of those 10 precious days.

Nothing makes a vacation feel more over than a 13 hours trauma surgery shift. That starts at 5:30 am.

The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.

The Halloween candy is (finally) gone.

And it's supposed to start snowing any day, so I guess autumn in gone now too.

But it was not without wonderful moments.

Sleeping in until the sun poured through my bedroom window.

Having the time to cook breakfast for my family.

Finishing the Christmas shopping.

Discovering a new park.

Working on our next home project (here's a clue...)

Final project will be revealed, well, when it's done.

I love being home so much it makes me wonder how I can ever go back to work. The very idea of being away from my boys nearly makes me sick. But I wake up, at 4:40 am, and go to work. For them.

1 comment:

  1. Time for after-holiday TLC.You have topped off imagination, re-newed the happy-in-side feeling and served rich memories for your boys. You have filled your heart hunger and that of your dear one for a while longer. You can reach inside a pocket and feel the warm fuzzies when you reassure a patient and let the soothing of those days soak in while you stand in surgery. I'm so glad you had that precious holiday at home! Now you can feast off of it much longer than Thanksgiving left-overs! P.S. Our extra hugs and laughs and love are in your pocket,closer than a wish,too.xox