Monday, July 12, 2010

That type of family

My children are becoming Midwesterners.

I would like to shake my head in disbelief and claim I have no idea how this happened. But since we've lived in the great state of Iowa for a year, I shouldn't be too surprised.

I liked to think of us as a "Western United States" type of family. You know, laid back and relaxed, outdoorsy, slightly hippie-ish, type of family. Normal sounding accent type of family.

But my kids are definitely Midwesterners.

Monkey still talks about how much he misses the snow.

Bug prefers brats and cheese to all other foods. Only he says is "brahts."

Monkey shouts out "Oh my gaush!" with the strongest Chicagoan accent you can imagine.

Bug has fallen in love with baseball.

We've never had a baseball fan in our family. It's always been basketball and football (and the strange segment of Hubster's family that can't get enough soccer.) He watched an entire baseball game. He stood up and cheered. He sang "take me out to the ball game." (with his funny half Utahn-half Midwest accent.)

I shouldn't be surprised. Monkey has spent 25% of his life here in the Midwest. And there is nothing wrong with being a Midwestern family. A hard working, down to earth, friendly, tough family. A funny sounding accent family.

But I draw the line at drinking "pawp." It's soda, people!


  1. We had "pop" when I was a girl. I always heard it was lots of fun attending a live baseball game. i'm so glad your boys get the opportunity to do that. Precious pictures-- I love seeing them: toes, grins, or now, the riveted attention to the play of the game. Give them a big hug!

  2. I've been noticing lately I'm morphing into a California hippie from my down to earth Midwestern upbringing. Pop was the hardest thing for me to stop saying. :)

  3. I disagree. It's Pop, like 'Pop goes the weasel.


  4. Plus, us mid-westerners tend to get a mean sarcastic sense humor that most people don't like.... but I've always called it pop but being in the south for a while, I have a torn choice between calling it pop or soda!

  5. It IS soda! Love these pics!

  6. I say certain words as though I'm from the midwest, which is weird since I haven't been there. Well, I spent a week in Minnesota, but that's it. And I'm not even positive that counts as the midwest.

    My friend used to tease me endlessly because I of the way I say my a's and o's in some words. I blame my grandmother's Chicagoan roots.

    And I'm glad you've got a kid that loves baseball. I don't see how anyone can live in Iowa and not love America's pastime. :-)