Friday, July 16, 2010

Ummm, Thanks?

After standing for 13 hours a day, my feet are screaming at me by the time I head home. So I got a prescription, and between doing paperwork and "pre-op"ing patients today, I went to get fitted for orthotics.

I easily become self conscious. Make a random comment about my nose, my teeth, or my laugh, and I'll do the best to cover them up and become invisible.

So when I took off my shoes and the orthotics guy proclaimed, "Holy cow! You really do need orthotics!" my self esteem hurt almost as much as my feet.

He proceeded to exclaim over my loose first metatarsal and my extremely high arch (who knew?).

He asked if I had problems finding shoes that fit, followed by "I assume you do, given how wide your forefoot is. " He then gave me instructions to make sure when I picked out my shoe style to get ones that came in "D width" because I'd never get my feet into anything narrower.

He asked if I had problems tripping while I walk and issues with balance while running.

Well, probably. Since apparently I've got deformed giant clown feet.

Thanks for the confidence boost, Mister Orthotics Guy!

When I do finally get my cute grey and pink shoes with orthotic inserts (in 3-4 weeks), I'm going to be so excited to have them and the comfort they provide, I'll easily forget that they are double wide.
Until I trip while walking.


  1. The guy needs to work on his "bedside manner". Glad your feet are going to get some help though.

  2. I hope your new shoes feel amazing! I'm sure they will. Have a great weekend!

  3. My hubby calls my feet "Bogwalkers". I guess they are a bit wide and LARGE. But HEY, they hold my big butt up and get me where I need to go and that's all that matters :)

  4. Mine look a lot like that too...still need some adjusting on the inserts though. Cute

  5. I wear my old lady orthotics too. I used to be embarrassed when I told people about them but now that I see how good my feet feel when I wear them, I LOVE them!

  6. People are getting so many orthotics that our insurance company is putting in conditions. So enjoy them. You are not alone with your wide, deformed clown feet.