Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today Is Not a Good Day

When it rains, it pours.

Apparently, my life has decided to confirm this saying.

As of noon today, our dryer (yes, the one we just bought off Craigslist less than two weeks ago) is in pieces all over the basement floor.

My car is dead in my work parking lot.

And the family room ceiling looks like this...

Because the pipes and toilet in our upstairs bathroom decided to give up and leak water in a huge stream through our family room ceiling, onto our family room floor while I was reading to Bug last night.

Because every blog needs at least one picture of a broken toilet

Add this to the fact that in the last month, our air conditioner has gone out and had to be replaced, the furnace fan had issues, our room has started leaking, and we got the bill for our family's dental appointments for the last six month.

Let's just say in the tree in our backyard falls on our house during the night, I won't be surprised.


  1. I'm so sorry! Houses and cars are just trouble.

    We're having a rough week over here as well, with runny noses, coughs, throwing up for older girls, chickenpox and ear infections (with cp lesions on the ear drum!) for my baby...

    Misery loves company.

  2. That sounds like our winter 2 years ago we lost our computer, washer, furnace, and had a pipe break and soak all the drywall in our kitchen.... needless to say I am sorry things are so SUCKY I feel your pain and hope none of the issues are too serious or expensive!!

  3. Sorry this happened all at once. At least it is all over now?

  4. Oh no! Guess you guys decided to get all the bad things out of the way at once. Now let's hope the rest of the year you'll be scott free. Here's hoping you've recovered.

  5. Oof. Well, that's no fun.

    But, at least you're not an intern anymore, so you have that going for you. :-)

  6. You now have: one dryer that will not need fixing soon, one pipe that will NOT leak for a while, one car that will not need an alternator for another season, a beautiful new coat of paint in the family room... Doesn't this kind of optimism just make you want to kick something? Go ahead, the air conditioner is new, I mean what else can go wrong? Oh yes, you all ready asked that two weeks ago. Wish I was there to help--uh we all ready tried that! Ooops!
    Hey! The house held onto all the intern stress of last year. It's held it together pretty good and is just letting go of the tension!! On to better things.
    Enough funny stuff. I truly hope it gets better soon. HUGS!

  7. Stink! Why does it happen like this, where everything breaks down at once? Aaargh!