Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now Four

There is this strange, ambiguous line between toddlerhood and childhood. Where your children stop being babies and start being, well, children.

I think we've crossed that line.

Monkey is 4.

Which he announced by coming into our room at o'dark thirty and asking for his presents. Now.

It was a quiet day. As opposed to the loud hectic birthday celebrated earlier this summer. We celebrated simply, at home, with a few friends.

There was cake.

There were balloons.

There were presents (Automoblox are amazing!).

There was the quintessential "smile and pose with your cake" picture.

And the whole time, while we were enjoying the heavily frosted cake and the homemade ice cream, I was nearly dying on the inside.

Monkey is now 4. He is sprinting through this childhood faster than I thought possible. I keep asking myself how it's possible that we've reached this point already. The point of developing independence, the point of preschool, the point of no longer wanting to be carried and snuggled. The moment they are born, our children begin this sprint, out of our arms and into the future of their own.

He is proud of being 4. Because, according to him, he is now almost 5.

Slow down. One birthday at a time.

It was a wonderful day. A day of finger foods. A day of celebrating the transition from toddlerhood to boyhood. A day of capturing memories to hang onto as the years continue to fly past.


  1. Such a cute boy and a yummy looking birthday cake cake! Are yellow and orange his favorite colors? Yep, kids grow up too fast, but you're making wonderful memories with them that'll last forever. :)

  2. Happy Birth-iversary to you!!

    Love the cake and it sounds like a perfect party.

    I can't believe my baby is going to be 3 in Oct. In some ways, I keep thinking of him as already 3. I have to remind myself that he's still just 2.

    Teagan is so eager to jump ahead in time. She desperately wants to be 10 years old.

  3. He's super cute. Happy Birthday to him!

  4. That cake is awesome. And puts the cookies we have in the cupboard here in serious peril.

    Happy birthday to him!

    I couldn't believe how much Punky changed from 4 to 5 - and still does. Crazy.

  5. So darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The cake is great! Happy birthday to him -to you to Hubster- to Bug- because it was this boy who made him brother for the first time. Its what makes you the family you are becoming -- and he is a perfect 4. HUGS

  6. Oh, he's darling and look at that cake! Time flies. And, now my son is even quick to point out his half B-day (I'm 5.5..almost 6). Wish they wouldn't be in such a rush.

  7. I'm glad my girls aren't the only ones who, now that they've turned 4, hold up FIVE fingers whenever anyone asks them their age!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your boy! He's so cute. And that cake is AWESOME - did you make it??

  9. My nephew promised to stop growing up as soon as he turned 5. Since I have ever reason to believe he fully intends to start kindergarten on Tuesday, I am pretty sure he's not planning on keeping that promise.


    Monkey looks so adorable! He sure is getting to be a big boy!