Thursday, September 23, 2010


There cannot be a more iconic autumn activity than apple picking.

It's one that has gone from first time memories to family tradition. This time, made so much better by sharing it with my mother as well.

Grandma and boys. I love this picture!

We missed Honey Crisp season somehow. It was here, and then suddenly it was gone before I had a chance to fill up on their sweet deliciousness. Although I am disappointed about missing out on my favorite apple, there was still plenty of goodness to be picked.

Jonathan apples

The branches were loaded with Honey Gold, Jonathan, and Song of September. (And I even strolled down the rows of harvested Honey Crisp trees and found a few last ones hiding.)

Honey Gold apples

It was truly amazing how fast we filled our baskets with 20 pounds of apples.

Almost equally amazing is that now, a few days later, those apples are gone (although Monkey did leave one on the porch for the last two nights for "da raccoons to eat to get weady for winter." And both apples were gone in the morning. Either lucky raccoons or very strong chipmunks.)

"What? I'm sure nothing of the sort happened!"
Monkey, in all his dirty glory!

Bug was not so keen on picking the apples this year, since last year he was told that picking meant eating. Although he was happy enough to run through the orchard and carry baskets.

Family, outdoors, bonding, apples...the perfect activity.

The fact that the day ending with apple crisp doesn't hurt either. Even if the Honey Crisps are gone.

How about you? Any favorite fall activities? Or more importantly, any favorite type of apple?


  1. I have never actually been apple picking. I don't know why. There's a popular little town right up the hill from where I work. Just haven't done it. But you're right. There's nothing more iconic in the autumn.

  2. We went apple picking for the first time this year. I loved it. We have been back again. I think we are going to try pumpkin picking this year as well.


  3. Occasionally, someone up here is able to nurture an apple tree and keep it alive year-round, but rarely. Your pictures are amazing! I like the sound of "Honey Crisp," and I think I shall name my next pet that!

    (Thanks for the Friday's Five, K! I really appreciate your taking the time to participate!)

  4. Such joy on Grandma's face. That's a wonderful picture!

    I need to get some apples in this house. I never feel inclined to buy them - something about the texture - but it's no reason to deprive the family.

  5. You make me so jealous! We live in Florida, where there is not an apple tree to be found. Glad you got to enjoy them!

  6. I am hoping to do this tomorrow. Love the shadow picture!

  7. I love apple picking! What a wonderful family day for you guys. You've inspired me to get us out to our Apple Farm over here.

  8. We took our girls apple picking for the first time this year and it was so fun. Granted one of them (eight months old!) spent the entire time the stroller pretty much oblivious to what was going on but she did her best to gum an apple to death! And the older one got to climb her first tree and loved eating apples right off the branch.
    Great pictures!

  9. There is nothing better on the planet than a good fresh fall apple. I love to head to the North Georgia mountains for apples, apple bread, apple doughnuts, apple fritters . . .

  10. Wow, this looks like so much fun. I need to go apple picking ASAP!

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