Thursday, September 30, 2010

Confidence Boost

While our boys are rambunctious enough in our home, outside of it, they tend to be quiet, reserved children. I am always surprised to see my talkative Bug turn mum around non-family members and my bouncy Monkey stand still and silent when he's dropped off at preschool.

Bug especially has been limited by this reserve. It goes beyond just shyness and actually borders on a cautious, almost timid approach to life. Not only has it made making friends difficult, but he is hesitant to try anything new. It can be food, an activity, a book.

Often, I've been concerned that his attitude has stemmed from lack of confidence. It was painful last year, to watch him slowly plod off to school, mostly likely dreading another day with the unknown.

This summer, however, saw a change in Bug. I've seen his confidence and his willingness to explore new things grow.

When we were in Chicago, he was close to panicked about going up to the 103 floor of the Willis (Sears) Tower. Initially, when we got up there, he was hesitant to look out windows. And as far as the ledge (the suspended glass viewing box)? He wouldn't even consider going out on it. At first. After we'd been up there a while, he decided he would indeed go out, first with Hubster, then with me, and then, by himself.

He then surprised, not just us, but everyone else by us, by lying down and staring face down at the street 103 stories below him.

He recently succeeding in climbing the tree in our front yard, an activity previously met with near terror. He scaled up nearly to the top, and managed to get down (nearly) by himself. He was glowing with happiness and what I suspect was pride the rest of the day.

Who would have thought that a boost into a tree would lead to a boost of confidence?

I can see that growing confidence in nearly every aspect. In his new eagerness to talk, in his new friendships at school.

Now, when he walks to school, it is with head up and a steady stride. Definitely in the right direction.


  1. Glad to hear he gained that confidence by trying and succeeding.


  2. I wish my mom had done more to try to cultivate confidence in me. I mostly just pretend to be calm, cool and collected. A lot of things still terrify me, but I force myself to do them anyway.

  3. Oh my! I don't think I could even go out on that! I love his smile when he's up in that tree...he exudes confidence:)

  4. Awesome! It's just great that he's starting to venture out on his own (I don't know that I could have walked out onto that glass ledge!)

  5. My stepdaughter seems to fear the unknown...then be happy once she's comfortable. She doesn't really fear heights, though, as long as there's glass to protect her. He's sticking his toe in the water, then his whole foot, then his ankle... Smart kid!

  6. Oh my goodness - I am so scared to try that glass viewing box... my heart is beating fast just looking at those photos.... YIKES!!!!

  7. That glass box thing would terrify me!