Saturday, September 11, 2010

Perfectly Suited

It's not a big secret. Hubster is a laid-back, casual guy.

However, his dental school interview is less than a week away. To say he is stressing about this would be an understatement. He's obsessively going over interview questions, researching common topics, and going over answers.

But having good DAT scores, a good GPA, and being prepared for the interview isn't enough.

You gotta look the part.

I have seen Hubster wear a suit three times in my life. When we were dating, and he took me to a nice restaurant. When we got married. When we had a small open house for our wedding for his friends and family in Montana.

That's it.

Three times in the past 10+ years. And all within a year of each other. If you noticed, the last time was right after we got married. 9 years ago.

To be complete fair, he did pull out his suit about 3 years ago to wear it to a formal outing, only to find that his boyish figure, well, wasn't quite what it had been. And that's when he confessed that it was actually an old suit of his dad's.

Like I said, Hubster's a pretty casual guy.

But casual isn't going to cut it for professional interview.

So Hubster took a deep breath and went and got a suit. A real suit. A modern suit that hadn't been previously own. A suit that was tailored for him.

Of course, you can't just have a suit. One needs a shirt, a tie, and shoes. A real shirt, tie, and shoes.

Which, yes, Hubster was also lacking.

Once again, to be fair, he does have several ties. Ones that have Slinkies and cartoon Tasmanian devils on them.

But now he is completely prepared. He's perfectly suited.

He actually is surprised by how much he likes it.

And, damn, he looks good.

I could get used to this.


  1. Nothin' better than a man in a suit. I die to see mine in his...

  2. That is one of the bonuses of church every Sunday- I get to see my hubby in a suit A LOT- and after 7 years he can still wear the one he got for our wedding....I however can not fit in my wedding dress.

  3. He looks great!

    And I totally dig that tie!

  4. Looking good!!!! My husband's not a suit-er either - I get very excited on the extremely rare occasion he wears one!

  5. Good luck to your husband. He does suit the part.