Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally Here

Spring has been a long time coming this year. Each day above freezing would make me hopeful, only to have those hopes dashed the next day's offering of sub-32 degree weather, or even worse, snow.

I tried to be patient as February changed to March. I would remind myself that it hadn't started snowing until December. I would remind myself that spring didn't technically start until March 20th. I would remind myself that no winter has lasted forever.

Nothing seemed to help. As one cold day followed another, I could feel myself getting irritable, frustrated, sure that this winter would be the first endless winter. The cold seemed to seep into everything: my bones, my thoughts, my motivation.

But eventually, even the hardest, coldest winters end.

The snow eventually melts.

The days eventually turn warm.

Driving passed fields still gray and brown with the stubble of last years harvest, I can start to feel the hope of green.

It may have been a long time coming, but I think that spring is finally here.


  1. It's been a weird spring here. 93 degrees last Thursday, 88 on Friday, 62 on Saturday (our outdoor party was COLD) and 68 on Sunday. Brrr!

  2. I think it's here, too, but I love your field of crocuses. That makes my heart sing.


  3. Love the crocuses... they are still burried under about 3 feet of snow here. With more snow in the forecast for tonight I don't think that we will be enjoying the flowers for a while.

    Visiting from SITS, make it a great day.

  4. This seriously is the winter that will never end! I've never been a spring person but now that some flowers are starting to pop up...I'm getting excited. Hopefully, we'll hit 60 degrees soon!

  5. Here from SITS

    After moving from south Florida to the Pacific Northwest, I have to say I can feel the need for a little sun, and less cold at the moment.
    This winter WAS long .. IS long. At least now we finally have the little signs that give us hope for sunny days ahead :)

  6. Love the crocuses too! I'm hoping our snow will be finished after Easter. Maybe if we set our sites on Father's Day it would be more realistic. Grass and crocuses growing however despite the ice storms. That has to be a good sign. I LOVE Spring!!

  7. I'm so glad it is warming up! It was a little later than usual in the SF Bay Area. Love the purple crocus pictures.

  8. Welcome, Spring! We've had some absolutely gorgeous, but today it's back to cloudy and threatening storminess.

    But my window is open and I awoke this morning to birds singing. It was wonderful.