Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Happiness is...

... a blanket fort.

Full of books, some soft stuffed friends, flashlights, cookies, and little boys,

this is childhood.

After all, when does an adult decide that the best thing to do in the evening is built a blanket fort? No. This warm, cozy hide-away that makes story time more exciting and treats more delicious, this is childhood at its best.

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  1. Yep, those were the days! Blanket forts!!


  2. So cute! Just wait until he's old enough to start building forts outside—guard your blankets then!

  3. Remeber the big table coverd with blankets? Geat memories! Beautiful times for your boys.

  4. we love building forts. Ours have doorbells and little boys who like to break them.


  5. Wow what a flashback! We actually had sheet forts but we had them often - so much fun! Visiting from SITS - thanks for the memories!

  6. How cute! What precious photos. I sometimes forget to take photos of these cute little scenes of everyday life. My daughters love to make forts out of blankets, shining their Dora flashlights and pretending to peek out to see if there are bears:)

  7. Oh my goodness! I LOVE making forts with my kids. I just wish I could fit into them better. I hate getting all scrunched up to get inside. That picture of him reading with a light inside is super cute. What a fun family activity ;)

  8. You're right. This imaginative and creative play is what childhood should be all about. Idyllic!