Sunday, August 28, 2011


Dear Monkey,

Today you are five. That makes five years that you have been melting my heart. I love you, dear little Monkey.

I love your silliness. It reminds me that every family needs a little silliness.

I love your blue eyes, which have a shade all their own, different than anyone in the family.

I love your curly toes, the ones that caused us to count and then recount when you were born, making sure that yes, there were indeed 10 toes.

I love your smile.

I love your perfect Cupid bow mouth, still so young now that you are oh, so big.

I love how you are outgoing and silly and loud one moment, and then the next moment, quiet and shy. It reminds me that you are still growing, still developing your personality.

I love your straight hair. It reminds me of your daddy.

I love your thoughtfulness, your willingness to help without even being asked. It reminds me to continue to nurture these wonderful traits.

I love your resilience. You went to the first day of kindergarten, with a new nanny at home, without a single whimper. You are brave and uncomplaining. It reminds me that I should be that way, too.

I love you, sweet five year old boy.

I love you because you are mine.

Happy Birthday, Monkey.




    Five was such a great year for both my kids! So much personality coming out and so many new things to do with them!

    Here's to many more! :)

  2. Freaking adorable. I especially love that last eye picture.

    Happy birthday to him, and to you!!

  3. Oh, Katherine, I just LOVE this post--I hope you don't mind that I'm going to steal your idea and shoot these types of shots of my girls . . . that photo of his toes just melts my heart!!

  4. Happy day to you both! Cheers and tears! I celebrate because he is delightful. I cry because he is so beautiful. I cheer because he is connected to me so deeply. I cry because I am not there to share it. I clap from the pleasure of knowing you are a good parent-- thankful, because you are capturing all that is most important. Happy five years, every one of them!

  5. He is such a cutie! I hope he had a very happy birthday!