Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Does This Get Easy?

Today is the first day of school.

Last year, I missed the first day of school for the first time. I was working, so I wasn't there as Bug went off to third grade.

This year, I almost missed the first day of school again. Just the thought of not being there to see Bug and Monkey off to school would drive me to tears. Especially for Monkey, just starting kindergarten. The original plan was to have him at the before school program and then picked up by the nanny after school. Just the idea that no parent would be with him to see him into his classroom for the first time was almost unbearable. But, due to the fact that on my call night I spent several hours in the middle of the night at the hospital, I got today off! So, despite my complete sleep deprivation, I walked with both my boys through a slight drizzle of rain to see them off to school.

This year, amazingly enough, it's fourth grade for Bug. Just saying that out loud gives me a little panic feeling. How did he get to fourth grade already. It was just moments ago we were starting this whole school thing for the first time. I had thought that this year would be a little easier, since this will be his third year at this school.

However, for Bug, today held new anxieties. We've been telling him that he really needs to wear his glasses, but the fear and anxiety this causes almost made it impossible to get him out the door this morning. Once we compromised and decided he could have them in his backpack and use them during class, he instantly perked up and positively flew through preparations this morning.

The biggest change is that Monkey is now in kindergarten. This should be it, right? The moment where he is no longer a "baby" but an official "big kid." Well, it sure doesn't feel like it. Despite the fact he walked relatively confidently into his classroom, found his backpack hook and desk by himself, and sat quietly reading books, I couldn't quite see the big kid. All I could see was my baby, surrounded by other big kids.

There were no tears this morning. Chocolate chip pancakes and new shoes added excitement. Classrooms were found easily. Hugs were given. And at the ringing of the school bell, I resisted the urge to sneak back into Monkey's class to see how he was doing.

Did I say there were no tears this morning? I meant was there were no tears from the boys.


  1. I hope they enjoy the school year. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I have a 5th and 3rd grader on my hands.

  2. It's so crazy how fast they are growing up. Make it stop!

    They're going to have a great year. And Bug will get used to those glasses. It won't always be a struggle.

  3. My kids start back on Monday. My oldest is in 7th!! She'll be a teenager in January!! I wonder everyday how that all happened. :)

    We switched schools last year and both of the kids absolutely love the new school so this year is the first time in history that my kids have been excited to go back! I'm very happy about that! :)

  4. Awww...Katherine, I'm so glad you got to be there, and I hope you got some sleep after drying your tears :)

    Kindergarten is such a huge milestone. Just wait until you see the beginning of kinder and end of kinder pictures...they really grow in all ways this year.

    Have fun. Your boys are handsome :)

  5. I remember crying on the first day of Kindergarten...but only because the neighbor boy from across the street bawled like a baby. ; )

    I'm so glad your boys were excited for school.

  6. Awwww. Definitely a big moment. They look ADORABLE!

  7. I just came across your blog, and this post is so well-timed. My little girl just graduated to the 2-year old room, and it seems like yesterday she was still a newborn. I can't imagine what it will be like toward the middle and end of grade school.

  8. I'm still asking myself the same questions and never ready to really hear that time stands still for mono man. It is the one place I want to be deaf and blind...unless I'm in crisis.
    Oh they have grown so very fast and are fine boys!