Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leaf Pile

Our backyard is nearly circled by trees, meaning that in fall, our backyard becomes a thick patchwork blanket of leaves. Which really only gives you one choice...

Leaf piles!

It started out with me raking and the boys running around the yard, kicking soccer balls, swinging, and chasing each other with sticks. Then I realized that was a lot of wasted energy.

It only took a little while for them to put that energy to good work and make the largest leaf pile they had ever seen (which is good motivation to continue to make it even bigger!)

And after a leaf pile that big is made, there really is only one option...

Jump in it!

First there was just jumping. Then there was burying each other with leaves. Then, we would start at the back of the yard, all hold hands and run, yelling at the top of our lungs and jump all together in the leaves. We were loud, leaf covered, and happy.

While the boys were jumping in the leaves, they were required to hold still momentarily to let their crazy mom take cute pictures of them. These are the rules.

After we were all raked, jumped, and photoed out, we went inside for warm drinks, where we continued to pull bits of leaves and sticks out of our hair and clothes.

The one added perk of all these leaves? The city leaf program that came and vacuumed them all up the next day.


  1. How fun! Looks like everyone had a blast.

  2. We have giant leaf pile fires.


  3. I can't think of a more perfect fall memory! What fun!!!
    I love the pictures.
    I especially like your quote from Christopher Robin too.

  4. We used to have this giant tree in our front yard. I used to love raking the leaves and jumping in the piles, but we didn't have a city leaf program.

  5. I saw the picture with the gigantic leaf pile and wondered if those kids would reap the benefits...and yes, they did! Thank goodness! It woudl have been torture to sit before the pile but not dive in!

  6. That is the largest leaf pile I think I have ever seen! Whoa! I thought we had a leaf problem from all the birches around our house, but I can't complain anymore now that I've seen your pictures . . .

    I just love the close-up photos of your boys--really great!