Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricks and Treats

I wish that I could tell you what a great time we had trick-or-treating, or how wonderful it was to watch my children finally be brave enough to ring a doorbell by themselves.

(Pictures by Hubster)

But Halloween handed out more tricks this year than treats. I was working a 28 hour shift yesterday, so I wasn't there. Halloween isn't like Thanksgiving or Christmas, where we could just celebrate on a different day if necessary. Halloween is pretty much just a October 31st thing.

I was keeping plenty busy, with barely enough time to think about the fact it was a holiday. But as I took some time for dinner, and saw that the sun was sinking low and the light was beginning to fade, I thought about my boys and hoped they were having a fabulous time.

However, despite the tricks of the schedule, there were still treats enough. After the candy amassing was over, my little ghost and boxer came up to the hospital to visit me. Every nurse and patient who saw them had to smile.

We shared candy, Monkey constantly trying to give me all the sour ones out of his pumpkin. They told me about the scary houses they wouldn't go up to, and how much fun they had had.

The pager went off again, and it was time for good-byes, and definitely time for bed for two sugar saturated boys.

Part of me wanted to cry for missing Halloween. But kissing goodnight to the Jolly Rancher scented boys, I realized that really all I missed was them.


  1. What a lovely thing that they came to see you!

    I didn't enjoy Halloween the same way this year- I had been sick the night before, recovering the day of and there was no way I'd be able to walk around the neighborhood. So I stayed home to dole out the goodies and ended up enjoying it immensely- even though I hadn't been happy about it at all.

    By the way- you won my giveaway of the book I recently finished! It isn't a great book but it's an easy read and enjoyable enough. If you email me your addy, I'll get it sent out to you!

  2. That's so sweet that they came to see you. I'm sorry you had to miss out, but it sounds like it was still a pretty good night all around.

  3. They look fantastic. I would miss both.


  4. We began with a trunk-or-treat. then got a call from a neighbor worried she'd miss out on the children. Through her prompt we visited many who had waited all year for a chance to greet children. We went home cold, but happy!
    The boys are soooooooooooo cute! Miss you too. I'm sure the best visit of all for all of you was at the hospital!