Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project 52: The 2011 Finale, Part 2

I'm just going to jump in with items #27-52. If you're interested in my success with goals #1-26, check it out here.

27. Read 5 non-work related books. Done. In fact, my goal next year should actually be to limit my non-work related reading.

28. Work on my kids' baby books at least once. No. Not once.

29. Figure out this baby planning thing. I have no news in this category.

30. Start looking at jobs. I've done a lot of casual talking about jobs. I'm going to start getting a little more serious about it later this winter.

31. Try to go visit family in Utah. We did this. The trip was wonderful. The boys' first time on an airplane was less wonderful.

32. Visit the farmer's market 5 times during the summer. Done. This is almost weekly during the summer. I miss the farmer's market.

33. Inner tube down a river. Done. This is one of my best summer memories.

34. Go skiing. Done.

35. Take my children to 3 different museums. I think we only made it to two different museums. So mostly done.

36. Host a dinner/barbecue at my house. No. I kept trying to do this, but schedules and weather just didn't cooperate.

37. Go antique shopping. Yes. We got Hubster's parents great gifts from a small, local antique shop.

38. Schedule date night with Hubster at least once a month. I need to stop making this a goal. It's not that Hubster and I don't like each other and wouldn't like to have a monthly date. But this is just never going to happen. We went on dates four times this year. When we realized that actually getting out of the house was going to be too much work, we decided to have home dates, where we would get take-out, rent a good movie, and put the kids to bed early. Both of those attempts ended up with me asleep on the couch in less than 20 minutes. I know that we need to make ourselves and our relationship a priority, but this will have to happen outside the constructs of a "date night."

39. Get a better sleep schedule. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. Ha.

40. Scan my wedding pictures into my computer. Nope. I didn't even look at my wedding pictures once this year.

41. Take a multivitamin daily. I should never make a goal with the word "daily" in it.

42. Look into getting a pet with fur. I think that the boys are starting to break Hubster down. I can see little cracks in his anti-dog resolve. I think we should be ready for a dog in the next five years.

43. Get a rough draft of my research project. Done. Although I have come to hate the research project with a passion normally reserved for spring snow storms and texting divers.

44. Go ice skating. No. Although the boys ask to go all the time. Maybe we will go this week.

45. Make jam. No. I'm not really sure why this ever was put on the list.

46. Study 1 hour a day, 5 days a week for at four weeks in a row. Yes. But I haven't really done much studying since accomplishing this goal.

47. Calculate my monthly grocery budget. Yes.

48. Start my blogging project for my boys. Yes, such as seen here and here. I had wanted to do it every month. But nothing is ever going to happen that frequently.

49. Get our home videos transferred to DVD. No. But I think I have just found a good winter break activity for Hubster.

50. Organize my children's boxes of art work. Kind of. I moved all the artwork from several small boxes to one big box. I'm not sure if that is progress or not.

51. Volunteer for something at my kid's school. Yes. I volunteered at the school carnival. It was fun and I would love to be more involved.

52. Get my hair done. I actually did, but it was so long ago that it almost doesn't count. I am ending the year just as much in need of a haircut as I started it with.

My subtotal here is 14/26 (including partially, mostly-finished goals). And in grand total (I feel the need for a drum roll), I completed 31/52 goals, or 60% (if we are rounding, and the rules of mathematics are in my favor here.)

This was a busy year. This would have been a busy year even without Project 52. But Project 52 let me make a list of things I wanted to get out of this year. This was a good year. This would have been a good year even without Project 52. But Project 52 let me makes dreams for the year and actually see some of those dreams come true. This was a successful year. And yes, it would have been a successful year even without Project 52. But Project 52 allowed me the chance to make a list, check it off, and celebrate each goal along the way.

Thank you, Karen and Jennee for putting this together. I'm so excited to do this all again next year. (And I need you to come up with really great lists yourself, because I'm about 10 items short.)


  1. I got 20 done and that was a miracle in itself. Kudos!
    ~Naila Moon


  2. You did such an amazing job! You really do have a lot to be proud of.

    As for my new list, I'm trying to make it awesome. All will be revealed on Monday...

  3. I can't believe you got so much done this year AND your an anesthesia resident! My husband's a second year OB/GYN resident and boy is it busy! But I think that's the gift of women, we are great at doing it all :) Way to go!

  4. As always, you are an inspiration. I like your list, and am impressed at your accomplishment. Way to go!!!