Monday, January 31, 2011

Bug, Version 1.11

Dear Bug,

When people ask how old you are, one of the first comments I get is that I cannot be old enough to have an eight year old.

And they are right.

Enough time cannot have passed for you to possibly be eight. I feel I'm the same age I was when you were born and you are the one that has grown. You are now all legs and arms and ribs and calic-ed blonde hair and giant blue eyes.

I love this age. For a while, I wasn't sure we'd ever get to this point, the point where things are easy. You're a strong willed child and it felt for a while that we spent the years jumping from one battle to the next. However, this age of eager to please, sweet as can be, offer to help, do chores without being asked is just a beautiful thing.

One of the things that warms my heart is your new love of reading. I come across you sitting in bed, in front of the window, curled up on the couch or a corner, your nose in a book. I have to smile, not just because of how animated you get while you read, but because this reminds me of myself as a child.

You are passionate about your interests. If something catches your attention, you go for it full-throttle. There is bird-watching. Not only do you have the bird identification book, but also binoculars and lists of birds you haven't seen yet. Lately, your interest has been origami. You attempt to check out every book on the subject, both at public library and your school library. I find bits of folded paper on every flat surface in the house. I admire your passion and dedication. And I do the best I can to nurture it, because this will carry you far.

The same dedication you show to your hobbies manifests itself as old-fashioned stubbornness in other arenas. There is no getting you to eat a food you have decided (sometimes arbitrarily) that you don't like. I have tried every method known to parenthood to get you to eat and overcome your pickiness, but to no avail. And there is no predicting it: today it's blueberries, yesterday it was peas, tomorrow who knows. You are also incredibly clever. You have decided that making your top bunk bed is just a little too difficult. Your way around that? Sleep on top of the covers.

This is you.

This fiercely passionate, dedicated, loyal, stubborn child. At times I'm frustrated, wondering how to get you do just do what I want you to do. But then I have laugh, because honestly, where do I think you got those traits from? I will just continue to direct that stubbornness, support the dedication, and make you eat your peas.



  1. I read this and wondered if this was the future for my own strong-willed son. I hope so. Your son sounds like a wonderful and interesting kid.

  2. What a beautiful boy! And stubborness and dedication will take him far. Stubborness can be a pain for mom, but it gets translated into tenacious as a adult and that is the secret to success.

  3. AWWW! He is sooo cute! I love that he loves reading so much!!!!! I think too many kids aren't doing enough of that anymore. My oldest son LOVES reading too- I am excited to see what he's like at 8 years old!

  4. What a wonderful letter to your son. This is so beautiful. I love how you see him for who he is and that you guide him so gently and lovingly.

    He is adorable and that passion of his will certainly serve him well :)

  5. What a beatuiful post to a really good looking young man! Such a sweet smile and such love in his eyes! You wrote a wonderful tribute to him - love it.

  6. Well his eyes are big enough and blue enough to fall into an so like his mama's, and a gentle soul too. He's exploring a wonderful side of himself, with much more to be discovered. I'm glad he's a reader. Isn't it great to reach this stag of growing? So glad you get to experience that piece of joy!